Planning for the Future

At AS ARCHAEOLOGY and HERITAGE SERVICES we are fully aware of the potential financial impact heritage and archaeology issues can have on development budgets. As an experienced provider of a wide range of archaeological services we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the most cost effective and competitive solution. We are experienced in the management of projects for a wide range of clients including government bodies, community groups, private individuals and commercial developers. Whether working in an urban or rural environment, on small or large scale archaeological projects we guarantee to complete the job on time and within budget.


Heritage Statement

A Heritage Statement (sometimes referred to as a Heritage Impact Statement or Statement of Significance) describes a built heritage asset, assesses its architectural and historic significance and its setting and determines the impact of the proposed development on the heritage asset, in terms of its fabric, intrinsic significance and associated setting.

Desk Based assessments

Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment (also sometimes referred to as a Desk-Top Assessment or Study) is a non-intrusive desktop appraisal using available archaeological and historical information, to identify any archaeological (i.e. buried) heritage assets that may potentially exist within a site and determine their significance.

Historic building Recording

Historic Building Recording, or Archaeological Standing Building Recording Survey  is a measured survey of an historic building (which normally comprises a drawn, photographic and written record undertaken in accordance with Historic England criteria).

Evaluation, Watching brief & Excavation

An Archaeological Evaluation, Watching Brief or Excavation are controlled examination of buried deposits and features that maybe found during development of your site. These are known as intrusive investigations as they involve the physical digging of the ground in order to record, and build up a picture of the site archaeologically.