The area where we provide heritage services! I am often asked where our heritage specialists work […]
ROME (Reuters) – Archaeologists in Pompeii have unearthed an ancient building site that sheds light on […]
Benchmarking salaries in archaeology 2024 CIfA has changed its approach to addressing the issues of low […]
In November 2023 AS Archaeology & Heritage Services was commissioned (Home – William Abbott Developments) to […]
A gas utility pipeline damages skeleton of female Gas utility pipeline works in 2014 damaged the […]
A one-day conference bringing you all the latest archaeological discoveries and research from Britain and beyond […]
OXFORDSHIRE, ENGLAND—The Oxford Mail reports that a 2,700-year-old blacksmith shop has been discovered in an Iron […]
Archaeologists find remains of insects that ‘hitchhiked’ here nearly 2,000 years ago From plumbing to public […]
By Rebecca Morelle and Alison Francis BBC News Science A rare, early medieval cemetery has been […]
I am often asked in what geographic regions do we accept work. The answer is easy. […]
Hartpury Bee Shelter is a Grade II* listed stone beehive shelter now located within the churchyard […]
Lamphey Palace or court is a medieval bishops palace in Pembrokeshire. It is a ruined complex […]
Constructed between 1322 and 1335 by Adam de Sodbury, Abbot of Glastonbury, Meare Fish House, on […]
The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) believes old buildings have a future. From […]
Just off the A15 is an apparently empty field, on closer inspection you will see a ‘mass’ of […]
This year our Festival of Archaeology (Homepage Council for British Archaeology ( theme is Archaeology and Creativity.   […]
As a heritage and archaeology professional I am often asked why we record historic buildings. It […]
Battle of the Catalaunian Plains In 451 AD Battle of the Catalaunian Plains: Roman and Visigoths […]
1815: Battle of Waterloo; Napoleon Bonaparte and France defeated by British forces under Duke of Wellington […]
LiDAR is an acronym of 'Light Detection And Ranging. It is a method for determining ranges by targeting an object or a surface with a laser and measuring the time for the reflected light to return to the receiver. It is sometimes called 3-D laser scanning, a special combination of 3-D scanning and laser scanning.
The Magna Carta or "the Great Charter" in Latin was agreed by King John of England at Runnymede, near Windsor, on 15 June 1215.
A “completely unique” Roman mausoleum has been discovered by archaeologists in south London. The remains of […]
Rare prehistoric flutes dated to 10,000 BCE, found in northern Israel's Hula valley, were made from bird bones and could imitate the calls of predatory birds. This surprising find was published on Friday in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Scientific Report, providing rare direct evidence for sound-making instruments from the Paleolithic age . The seven perforated bird bones, called aerophones in the scientific literature, were found in the late Natufian site of Eynan-Mallaha, in the Hula Valley in northern Israel.